Privacy and Cookie policy

1.Privacy Policy +

We collect information about our users for making your user experience with us better. We collect the information like Name, email and other which you need to provide us when you become our registered users. It is always important for you to know what kind of information we collect and how we use it to make your buying experiences better. Our website is not meant for the use of the children below the age of 16 and we do not collect any kind of information from the users who fall under this age group. If you have any kind of questions related to the privacy policies on our website then you can get in touch with our support team. We have complete rights to change these privacy policies from time to time and all the information related to the changes made by us in our privacy policies will be updated to our website as it happens.

2.What kind of Private information do we collect? +

The collection of information from our users totally depends on the way they use our website. We mainly collect three kinds of information from our users. Firstly we collect the data such as Name or date of birth at the time of registration with us a registered user. This information helps us to maintain your user account and to identify our users. Secondly, we collect the contact information which is mainly the email of the users. With this information, we tend to contact r keep our users updated with the latest promotions and discount offers on online stores. Last but not least we also collect the information related to your browsing behavior on our website which helps us to produce the best result on the basis of the past browsing data by any particular user on our website.

3.Data Protection Policy at SaveGon +

We do not share your data with any kind of third parties other than that of our organization. We can share your data with our corporate branches, legal agencies and regulatory bodies in a situation where they demand this information from us and the companies which merge with us or the companies with whom we can merge in near future. We do not share this data with the third parties or sell your data to advertising firms at any cost as protection of your personal data is our utmost priority.

4.Cookies Policy +

Before we throw some light on this we want to tell you what exactly this term stands for. Cookies are the text files which our website drops on your browsers each time you use the services of our website. This file helps the website to remember you as well as your browsing preferences in a smart manner and save a lot of time. All big and small website in this business use the cookies to make the experiences of their user better. Cookies are safe to use and do not cause any kind of harm to your system or your personal data. Cookies do not share any kind of personal data of the users with us and only the way with the help of which we can remember our users to serve them better.

5.What is the need for Cookies? +

This Help us to identify some of the vital points based on each user so that we can help them to save precious time while browsing our website. With the help of Cookies, we can analyze the information such as from which page user come, preferences of the users and pages that user visit. This also helps us to identify the problems on our website and to come up with the best solution for you when it comes to using the interface on SaveGon. However, if you do not want to entertain these cookies then you can easily delete them from your browsers by going to the browser settings. With the help of the cookies, we can track the nature of deals or offers you search on our website and can present more options to you with similar deals each time you visit here. The cookie is not stored on your computer and can be managed easily with the help of your browser settings.

6.Third Party Cookie Sharing +

We work with many other online websites such as shopping portals and online travel agencies so we have to deal with the third party cookies. These cookies are completely safe and we do not share any kind of information from our users through these cookies with our partners. Third party cookies can also comprise the partners with whom we work to communicate with you or to send you the personalized communications. We hold a strict stand to share none of your data through these cookies and you should rest assured for your data while enjoying the services from these third-party websites.

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